The USWNT & their male comparison

Alex Morgan - Cristiano Ronaldo

The gist:

Two virtually unstoppable players

Longer reason:

Alex Morgan was the sensation of women’s soccer in 2011 as the “super sub” during the world cup. Soccer fans fell in love with her skills on the pitch, while both soccer fans & non soccer fans that have eyes just plain fell in love. I don’t blame them.

Cristiano Ronaldo was the young sensation in Sporting Club of Portugal that impressed Manchester United. At United he became arguably the best player to ever don United’s famed #7, while at Madrid he may have become the best player of all time.

Both Morgan & Cristiano seem to not care for the rules of logic, since they defy them regularly. Both are tall & well built, yet quick & agile. Both can score with both feet, while being aerial threats. Both look easy to push off the ball, yet push you off them instead; if you’re gonna bring them down, you’re gonna have to tackle them & hope to get nothing but ball. They’re both what you would want to make if you were trying to Frankenstein yourself the most complete player.

Crisitano has been out of this world, before him, the top goal scorer in leagues had around 20-25 goals usually. Cristiano has scored 40+ in back to back seasons with Real Madrid & before that 30+ in back to back seasons in the Premier League, which is recognized by many as the hardest league to score in. This is all solely counting his goals in league games. As far as all competitions (League, League cup, Champions league, etc.) he has scored 60+ for three consecutive seasons. All while quietly amassing 46 assist in the last three seasons. During that time this is more than Xavi (41) & Iniesta (45). This is of course not bought up by detractors when talking about how Cristiano is a selfish player. 

While Abby Wambach has broken the record for most international goals of all time, Alex Morgan seems well on her way to break the record herself some day down the road. The just turned 24 year old is the only player to join Mia Hamm as having scored 20 goals & have 20 assist in one season (scoring 28 goals, assisting 21), is part of one of the two highest scoring duos in USWNT history (Her & Wambach totaling 55 goals in 2012). From the USWNT goals in 2012, she either scored or assisted 41% of them, & her 28 goals & 21 assist was enough to outscore & out assist her opponents in 2012 who combined came up to 21 goals & 12 assist against the USWNT.

No one seems to talk of how impressive it is that Cristiano scores this much since he doesn’t play as striker. He’s not lined up as striker, or even behind the striker. He’s the left winger/left mid. His amount of production from that position is insane. Who’s the next best from Cristiano’s position? Ribery? He doesn’t even come close to matching the production Cristiano does from out wide. I do think Alex Morgan can do the same from this position. She has the speed to burn you on the flanks, can assist, can use skill to cut in & take shots. I’d like to see her play in that position for a game or two in some friendly. Although I suspect seeing a USWNT 4-2-3-1 with Morgan anywhere but in the strikers position will make many question the coaches sanity.

Now for the fun things they have in common:

  • Both have that “I’m a model on the side & ur not lol” thing happening (x, x).
  • Both also have that “Don’t you fucking touch me you peasant!” thing going on (x, x).
  • Both also are super, super good at not showing their frustration (x, x)
  • & finally… they both like shutting you up with style (x, x)

Oh wait, they both think they can dance (x, x

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