Day 29: A fan-made Nine Inch Nails ANYTHING-a video, art, etc.

Every artist says they have the best fans in the world. NIN have proof.

This 3 disc concert package is entirely fan made.

The pics you see above are from this:

"The initial 3-disc physical set included a 16-page booklet (including credits and project documentation), and a themed bookmark and postcard. Initial demand for the 3-disc configuration far exceeded supply and the original run of 5,000 sets quickly sold out by October."

I remember it was quite cheap to buy, the DVD version was like $7 & the Blu Ray was like $13 BUT if you wanted you could buy an additional DVD copy to donate to anyone who wanted one but couldn’t (or didn’t want to) pay. I was blown away by this that along with my blu-ray, I decided to help some random person get a free copy.

To all this Trent Reznor simply tweeted: “Nine Inch Nails fans kick ass. Blown Away.

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