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Wow, I could not disagree with your post more.  Are you only able to see LeP as a Kriegs replacement?  Her worth and value goes far beyond her recent call to duty at RB.  Two time WPS Defender of the Year at CB?  Only current player to start in major competitions at every position on the back line?  Beat out every other contender to become starting LB for the WWC and starting RB at the Olympics?  Olympic performance accolades from Dure, Pel and Kassouf, the latter of which said she had an “outstanding Olympics tournament”?  Even Ms. Negative herself Chastain chimed in on her achievements multiple times.

Your words “…are victims of belonging to teams where they are surrounded by world class talent.” infers that she is not world class talent and is not on the same level as her teammates.  Insulting much? 

“Both solid defenders, but constantly pointed out as the weakness of their team.”  Oh really?  Haven’t heard much of that about LeP since the WWC.

“This also changed the entire USWNT defense, as it not just moved LePeilbet to right back, but got Kelley O’Hara to play at left back where she has already become a Gold Medal winning left back.”  So KO gets accolades for being a gold medal winning left back…and LeP was just along for the ride?

You are more than entitled to your opinion,  but the entire tone of your post seems to be through a foggy lens and comes across as utterly condescending.


First of all, hi, fan of your stuff. 

Okay, let me try to defend myself here. I’ll try through go point by point here.

I like LePeilbet. I know she’s great & I’m sorry my post came off as a LePs putdown, cause it’s not what I intended. I start off with "It has to be annoying for Amy LePeilbet fans…" because even tho I don’t show it as much as with other USWNT players, I am a LePs fan.

I know she was amazing in the Olympics & stepped up big time. I point it out: ”…to see her step up to fill the right back role in the Olympics and perform so well…” it might not be as good as saying “Outstanding Olympics tournament” but I acknowledged that she did great.

You are correct in me basically saying LePeilbet isn’t world class, but I was referring to her specifically as an outside back. I mean, she isn’t naturally an outside back, it isn’t natural for her to be part of an attack the way it is for Krieger & KO. Like you point out, at CB she is a two time defender of the year. I don’t think anyone would put her in top 5 outside backs. If I’m wrong about that, then I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am. & in case you are wondering, I do not think KO is a world class left back either. (Not yet anyways) 

"Both solid defenders, but constantly pointed out as the weakness of their team.”  Oh really?  Haven’t heard much of that about LeP since the WWC."

So you did hear about it during the WWC then? You def would remember how Rampone basically had to line up between Bue & LePs to basically be their safety net versus Brazil. And we talk to different people, cause the people I talk to were very much questioning why LePeilbet was put as right back, & why Pia wouldn’t just call someone else up to fill the spot. 

"So KO gets accolades for being a gold medal winning left back…and LeP was just along for the ride?" That one is my bad, cause well, I totally made it sound like that. I’m just so amazed that KO has been that well, that fast in a position that she didn’t play in before this year. She isn’t even a year old defender yet. That’s crazy.

I have no idea if I really have cleared anything up as well as I think I have & I probably didn’t help you change your mind in me sounding “utterly condescending”, cause I can see that, I totally have a little Carli Lloyd in me. My work ethic is amazing.

Also I mean this with as much respect as possible, but yes, I do see anyone in the right back spot as someone just filling in for Krieger. (see, Carli Lloyd-ish, right? Or Hope Solo-ish? I have way Hope Solo in me tbh)

Finally, I will like you to PLEASE look at one of my post from yesterday here. Pretty please.

You don’t have to read any of it at all, just scroll & look at the two starting 11’s I drew up there. Especially the second starting 11 line up where I precede it with: “I’m gonna say a formation I wanna see, the 4-2-3-1, & who I wanna see play in it" That’s what I think of LePeilbet. That’s where I do see a possible world class player.

Édü. 25. Washington D.C. If you hate USWNT or Real Madrid, you'll hate this blog.
Top 10 USWNT - RM players (in no real order)
Ali Krieger
Lauren Cheney
Hope Solo
Alex Morgan
Kelley O'Hara
Cristiano Ronaldo
Sergio Ramos
Toni Kroos
Iker Casillas
James Rodriguez