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Anonymous asked: Since you like to talk about tactics, what do you think about Tobin and Cheney playing together as center mids?

Haha, I have mentioned this to someone else recently & I pretty much bought up the pros & cons about it on my own. I’m gonna try to keep this short before this becomes an essay.

I do like the idea about Cheney & Tobin in the center. Cheney is a #10 player & Tobin has the potential to be. IMO Tobin is out of place when she plays on the outside wings, she’s not that type of player. She’s never gonna kill you with speed on the outside like Pinoe or HAO. She def just looks way more natural on the inside. Even the way she tries to set up a goal isn’t with crosses, but with through balls to try to cut through defense. Cheney on the other hand can play anywhere & she’ll most likely do good. She’s just great all around IMO.

So quick pros

  • Tobin used in natural spot
  • Cheney will be playing
  • two #10 type of players (again, I think Tobin has that potential, she isn’t a 10 yet)
  • Two players that want a team win more than they want to score (11 times outta 10, sometimes frustratingly, Tobin will go for an assist rather than a shot. & Cheney isn’t selfish)
  • If they can create a good on pitch relationship, this can be a duo for years 

Okay now the cons

  • If line up stays 4-4-2, then no center defensive mid. Cheney can be a ball winner, but not a true defensive mid. (I think Cheney is too good as an attacker to be held back as defensive type, although she played as a defensive mid in a Friendly against Canada & looked like a natural.)
  • To piggy back on that first con, this would mean no Boxxy. She is an absolute leader in the middle.
  • Two creative type players, which I consider them, paired up in the middle can get in each others way 

I personally am not in love with the 4-4-2 system, but at the same time I have no idea what kind of formation would work for this team. Abby & Alex are great together, so a 4-2-3-1 goes out the window. Maybe a 4-3-3 could work, an attacking one (no holding middle) Something like 

Krieger          LePs        Rampone          KO

    Cheney           Heath                Pinoe

   HAO              Wambach           Morgan

Morgan has created a lot of damage to teams without having to be right in the middle & she has plenty speed to cut in & put shot on goals. HAO is a natural winger type, so she’ll be at home. Honestly tho, Idk how well this would work.

I’m gonna say a formation I wanna see, the 4-2-3-1, & who I wanna see play in it & well, no one is gonna like it but here goes:

Krieger          LePs           Broon           KO

                Cheney          Tobin

HAO                   Pinoe               Morgan


I know, that looks crazy but let me explain. Tobin would move up with attack. Cheney would, but not as much, she would be the deep lying player maker. Pinoe is a creative type, she can make stuff happen, I think she can play in that hole behind the striker. HAO, again, will just naturally fit in the outside right flank. Now Morgan. Not only does she have the most goals, but also the most assist. She is fast, quick, strong, she can play as the left winger & then, if she sees a chance, try to assist yet another goal or cut in a take a shot on goal. It may seem crazy, but I think it can work. I would def test drive this many times in friendlies to see how it works out, but alas, we are americans and americans don’t really do the 4-2-3-1 much, & like I said, we are sorta forcibly married to the 4-4-2 for the moment.

Okay this turned out longer than expected. I hope this at least shows that I do like talking formations. 

  1. dustfromthestepsbefore said: I love your 4-3-3. I have been thinking of that for a while.
  2. kiiim98 said: How about Ed for USWNT Head Coach? I think yes.
  3. smoonyos said: That’s kind of genius. Well done sir
  4. rightside11 posted this

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Top 10 USWNT - RM players (in no real order)
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Iker Casillas
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